What Are Kingdom Chronicles?

     The Kingdom Chronicles is a prophetic way of receiving a Word from the Lord. Below are the words that were collected and the chronicles that were written from these words from last week's House of Prayer meeting. Each week, we ask the Holy Spirit to give words or phrases to someone in the group. When someone gets a word or phrase, they speak it forth and then pray a prayer about the word or phrase. We then have the people take the words and phrases and create a chronicle. The word chronicle means, "words of the day". So we gather the words of the House of Prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to show us how to craft a chronicle.

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July 5, 2023


  • Words for Chronicle Titled: “A Knowing”
    • The peace of God—Colossians 3:15, Psalm3:5
    • He answers me—Psalm 3:4-5
    • The one who lifts my head—Psalm 3:3
    • Salvation belongs to the Lord—Psalm 3:8
    • Heal me, oh Lord, and I shall be healed—Jeremiah 17:14
    • For such a time as this—Esther 4:14
    • Cry out—Psalm 3:4-5
    • The Lord sustains them—Psalm 41:3
    • Life and blessing—Proverbs 3:7-8
    • The gift of grace—2 Corinthians 1:8-11
    • He surrounds me with himself—Psalm 3
    • You alone, oh Lord, make me dwell in safety—Psalm 4:8
    • Restore the temple—Matthew 21:12-13, 1 Corinthians 6:19
    • I will not be afraid—Psalm 3:6
  • “A Knowing” Chronicles:
    • Lord, we lift up our brothers and sisters in Christ and ask that the peace of God that passes all understanding would permeate their bodies, souls, and spirits. We thank you, Lord, for always hearing and acting upon the heartfelt cries of your people. We are comforted by your faithfulness to unfailingly lift our heads. Salvation belongs to you, Lord, and you offer it freely to whosoever will come. So, heal your people, oh Lord, and they will be healed as their names come before your throne. For such a time as this, your people are crying out to you and we have full confidence that as you hear your people, you will sustain them. You will pour out life and blessing on them and their families. May the precious gift of your grace cause each one to rest in your presence as they are totally surrounded by you. We are so grateful that you alone, oh Lord, make your chosen ones to dwell in safety. Restore their temples, Lord. May they boldly declare, “I will not be afraid for it is the Lord himself that sustaineth me.” In Jesus name.
    • As we stand in your house tonight, Lord, we declare the peace of God over your children who are suffering with afflictions. Tonight, every person on our prayer list will respond with “he answers me” because he is a good God and hears our cries. Everyone who is hurting will turn to the Lord's promises, and I will experience the knowing that he is the one who lifts each of their heads during this difficult time. We say salvation belongs to the Lord as they walked this challenging path holding the hand of the Lord. The saints of God will shout loudly “Heal me, oh Lord, and I will be healed”, as they stand in the gap for those who are sick. “For such a time as this for healing” will be the declaration of New Life Church. Cry out to me, saith the Lord and I will sustain you. Life and blessings are the promises of every person on our list tonight, as they rest in the gift of grace provided by our Lord Jesus Christ. Let your glory surround your people, and they will declare that you alone, Lord, make them dwell in safety. As the healing takes place we decree “Restore the temple of your children.” No one will be afraid, but all will bless your name. In Jesus’ name.
    • Lord, I pray your word over these precious people tonight: “And the peace of God which passeth all understanding shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus” now and forever—until the time of your healing and beyond. I have seen and do know that he answers me as I look to the one who lifts my head to pray for this group of people to receive from you hope and courage and revitalized strength. Salvation belongs to the Lord so I praise you for your gift of grace over each one of these; and I thank you that through your mercy, you are listening and moving as they declare, “Heal me, oh Lord, and I shall be healed.” I glorify you tonight, Lord, for such a time as this as I cry out to you for relief in mind and body for this group, as I know deep within my heart that the Lord sustains him and her for life and blessing beyond what we can comprehend. I pray that the gift of grace from on high will form a movement of healing water that will ignite a supernatural outpouring of your presence as it pours from your throne room over each of these bodies. As they receive this outpouring, may they declare, “He surrounds me with himself, and you alone, oh Lord, make me dwell in safety.” I trust you fully, Lord, to restore the temple of life within each of these cherished vessels as they rise up and proclaim, “I will not be afraid.” And I say yes and amen on their behalf.

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