What Are Kingdom Chronicles?

     The Kingdom Chronicles is a prophetic way of receiving a Word from the Lord. Below are the words that were collected and the chronicles that were written from these words from last week's House of Prayer meeting. Each week, we ask the Holy Spirit to give words or phrases to someone in the group. When someone gets a word or phrase, they speak it forth and then pray a prayer about the word or phrase. We then have the people take the words and phrases and create a chronicle. The word chronicle means, "words of the day". So we gather the words of the House of Prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to show us how to craft a chronicle.

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June 28, 2023


  • Words for Chronicle Titled: “Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God and All These Things Will Be Added to You”
    • Kiss the Son—Psalm 2:12
    • Blessed are all they that put their trust in Him—Psalm 2:12
    • He delivers them from the kingdom of darkness—Colossians 1:13-14
    • Ready or not, here I come
    • Honor God—Psalm 2:12
    • Be wise and serve the Lord—Psalm 2
    • We will find blessing
    • The Lord will bless his children—Psalm 2:8
    • Honor my Son, the King—Psalm 2:6-7
    • Father, your name be honored as holy; your Kingdom come—Luke 11
    • We have been anointed with fresh oil
  • “Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God and All These Things Will Be Added to You” Chronicles:
    • Lord, as we stand in your sanctuary, we want to kiss the Son for all He has done for his people at New Life. We rejoice and trust in you, Father, and we exemplify your character as your love goes into this region. We release into the spiritual realm the words: “Our church will be known as the place where God delivers the lost and hurt and sets them free from the kingdom of darkness.” We hear the roar of the Lord saying to New Life, “Ready or not, here I come”. So be ready, my children. As we stand on this holy ground, we honor God with much fear and trembling; and we are wise in understanding the importance of serving the Lord. We will find blessing upon blessing as we seek your kingdom. The Lord will bless his children. New Life, as we are faithful to serve him and his Commandments. Honor my Son, the King, saith the Lord to New Life Church. We decree Father that your word will be honored as holy, and your kingdom will come to this body of believers. Amen.
    • Father God, we do kiss the Son, and we raise his name on high. We declare blessed are all they that have put their trust in him; for he delivers us from the kingdom of darkness and leads us into his glorious light. He is shouting from the rooftops, “Ready or not, here I come!” As people of God, it is our honor and privilege to honor God; so be wise and serve the Lord with your whole heart so that we might find blessing in him as we labor for the kingdom. We declare of a surety the Lord will bless his children. So again, we say honor the Son, my Son, the King, and Father may your name be honored forever as holy. Your kingdom come in Jesus’ name.
    • Blessed is the day that I can kiss the Son; for you took away our sins when he said it is done. Blessed are they that put their trust in him always; know that he walks with you through all of your days. He delivers them from the kingdom of darkness and doom; he brings light and goodness to every room. Ready or not, here I come said the Lord. The day that I was saved; blessed are the baptismal waters where sins are bathed. Honor God, he is your greatest friend; His love will never break nor bend. Be wise and serve the Lord with all your heart; his love and faith will never depart. Through the Lord, we will find blessing; never stop your praying and sin confessing. The Lord will bless his children above all others; he will call us all his sisters and brothers. Honor my son, the King of all kings, the one who all of Heaven praises and sings. Father, your name be honored as holy, your kingdom come; I know your love on My heart will not be undone.
    • So, Lord God, as we seek first your kingdom, we know truly that these things will be added because we're believing that your Holy Spirit has been a witness to give us these words and these phrases to be applied at this time. It is our prayer, oh God, that You call us blessed as we trust in you. Your word says, and the word tonight says, that You deliver us from all the kingdoms of darkness; and Lord, in our lives, there's no doubt that you've done that. Lord, how many times have you said to me personally, “Ready or not, here I come!” I always have this feeling “Oh no! What have I done now?” Lord Jesus, I pray that we will honor you, and that You will give us the wisdom to serve you, because it's there that we will find blessing. And Lord, you love to bless your children, and because of this, help us to honor your Son, the King. Let your kingdom come, O God.
    • From the angel of the Lord: I come to you tonight, New Life, beseeching you to lift your eyes to behold and to kiss the Son of heaven in all of his splendor. Blessed are all they that put their trust in him; so, I am calling you to lean into the Lord both individually and corporately to trust him for every need and in every circumstance. For the lost, I remind you that he delivers them from the kingdom of darkness, as He draws them here by his spirit. Hear the Holy Spirit say, “Ready or not, here I come.” I speak to you from a heart of wisdom to honor God and to be wise and serve the Lord. My heart pours out truth over you that we will find blessing because the Lord will bless his children. I speak a word from the Lord to you: “Honor my Son, the King!” And I share with you a word from the Son to the Lord in response: “Father, your name be honored as holy; your kingdom come.” So now I pour over you the Lord's precious anointing so that you may leave here and say, “We have been anointed with fresh oil tonight and we say yes and amen.”
  • Prophetic word from Dan Hanselman
    • The Song of Solomon 2:4 is taking me to the banquet hall and His banner over me is love. And what I was hearing is the Lord is unfurling a banner over this place that says love, and he is gone forth to gather those that are his lost ones, and he is funneling them into his pasture. He's corralling them, and his love will overwhelm them as never before. The wounds that were within are being healed and touched. He has taken such care to bring them back to him, to bring the healing that is needed for each one. For his love will flow from this place as never before. It's like a neon sign out there flashing “All are welcome!” Come, those that are thirsty. You can drink freely here. You can come and there is no expectation of you because the Lord has brought you. His love will envelop you as you walk through the doors. As you come into the stream, you will be washed and placed at the banquet table. For he is preparing the table before you so that you can grow and strengthen as never before. For this is the hour that I am beckoning my children to come forth in a mighty powerful way, and we visually loose all restraints that they see around this place. There is no fence to hold them back. They can come over the wall for the Lord is making the way. The Lord is giving strength, eagle's wings for some, and you will see this place soar as never before. For my life is upon this place. My life will shine as never before. Let it glow with my love for it will flash love all over this place. It is time. I am coming. Ready or not, I am coming. And we thank you, Lord. We thank you that you are moving in a mighty powerful way, and we submit ourselves to you. We surrender all our plans and ideas, and we follow yours, the captain of the Host. We submit and we bow before you and say “Yes, Lord, your ways are not our ways. Come Holy Spirit, come!

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