Prophetic Dream Fall 2020

Hey everyone!! Please feel free to post what the Lord is saying to you through the Spirit about this dream :)

In the beginning of my dream, there was a move of God happening!!! Many people were outside, praying for one another in what felt like a small neighborhood and His presence was there SO strongly. People were getting healed & saved!!!
The Spirit broke out.
Because of one act of kindness (can’t remember specifically what) 
I got a sense that there was something about college graduates in this scene (age range specific to ministry focus? Or revival catalyst age?) 

Then, the scene changed and I was in a castle-like building standing on a large staircase overlooking college graduates walk outside. They were being sent out/graduating. 
Then the scene changed again. I was now in the castle’s locker room/bathroom searching for something (I can’t remember what). I think I remember looking at myself briefly in a mirror before going on to keep searching.

The scene changed again. I had assembled a group of people to go on a rescue mission to save another group in another castle-like building (I think it was somehow part of the same original castle-like building or was linked to it in some way).
I had knowledge in the dream that I had done this twice before but this 3rd time I was terrified, really scared.
So scared of being captured and tortured, but we kept going in courage. I felt bravery and a calling and empowering from God to move forward! This drowned out the fear even though I still felt it.
We ascended a wide, dark mahogany staircase. There were double doors we had to go through to get to the group. Once we moved forward through the doors, we saw so much violence breaking loose.
Heavy persecution.
The area we were in resembled a large library, also of dark mahogany and had high ceilings.
I somehow managed to survive and cross to the other side of the room. There I saw someone injured and was trying to save them without getting caught. It was a young man around college age. He was near a large open window that had no glass.
He was badly injured, he could barely walk.
I had his arm around my shoulders and I was helping him walk. We started heading towards a secret exit that I saw and knew would be safe. The Spirit led me.
This young man had face paint on like the Joker and it seemed he had kind of like Heath Ledger feel (he reminded me of Jacob - a new friend who Blake and I shared Jesus w/ at a recent coworker's Halloween party. At this party he had face paint on like the Joker) 
We were in the process of escaping when my husband Blake called me in real life and I woke up.

Tell me what you think and hear from God!

Thanks and blessings,

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