Battle of the Two Towers

A Prophetic Picture

By: Alan Smith


In the early morning, my spirit was unsettled as I listened to the news of the day. I could tell the spirit of the Lord was wanting to reveal something to me. It was then that I found myself caught up in the imagery that was forming in my spirit.
I saw a battle between two towers. There was a great storm with an earthquake that shook the two towers. They swayed back and forth as the storm was raging. There was intense lightning and thundering, so loud that it sent fear into all who heard the storm roar.
In my spirit I “heard” an understanding. One tower’s name was Globalism and the other was Nationalism (Patriotism). I knew there were many in the tower called Globalism, and only a few in the tower called Nationalism (Patriotism). I then knew the tower called Globalism was trying to tear down and destroy the identity of the tower called Nationalism (Patriotism). I began to pray for this terrible storm: that there would be survivors in the tower called Nationalism (Patriotism), and that it would prevail.
After this vision ended, I felt I needed to find out the meaning. So, I started looking for the location in New York City of the United Nations Building. I felt this was probably the hub of Globalism. Then I wondered the location of Trump Tower in New York City, for I knew Donald Trump embraces Nationalism (Patriotism). I was totally shocked when I saw the picture. Trump World Tower is directly across the road from the United Nations Building. There was my vision. The battle of the two towers, a prophetic picture.

The United Nations Building is the gray, 3-tier building on the left, and the Trump World Tower is the tallest, black one on the right.


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