House of Prayer "Live" Tonight at 7 PM

Dear KPS Member,

We invite you to join us tonight for our House of Prayer meeting at 7 PM @ We will be having special guest, Dae Young Kim, who is a missionary into many Asian countries. He will have several of his missionary friends with him.

Come tonight and help us pray for them and see what the Lord is doing through them.

Here is our chronicle from last week’s House of Prayer.



November 3, 2021


  1. Words for Chronicle Titled: Strength to Stand
    • Strength in you—Psalm 84:5
    • Strength to strength—Psalm 84:7
    • Appeareth before God—Psalm 84:7
    • Justices
    • Deliverance
    • No good thing withheld—Psalm 84:11
    • His presence in his people—Psalm 84:1
    • Our sun and our shield—Psalm 84:11
    • Praising You—Psalm 84:4
    • Grace and Glory—Psalm 84:11
    • Keeper of the door—Psalm 84:10
    • Never thirst again—Psalm 84:2, John 4:14
    • Amiable—Psalm 84:1
    • Strength and Strength
    • Grace and Glory
    • Living God—Psalm 84:2
    • No good thing he will withhold from us—Psalm 84:11


  1. Strength to Stand Chronicle: Thank you Lord, whose strength is in you and who gives us strength to strength. We appeareth before God as he fights for our justice and our deliverance. No good thing withheld from his presence in his people. You are our sun and our shield, and we continue praising you, O God. Your grace and your glory are prevalent as the keeper of the door of our hearts. Lord, may we never thirst again as we look upon you as our amiable savior. You are the living God.




PS: Look at this video about Thin Places of the spirit.

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