The Coming Rain

I hear much thunder but it is a sound of heaven. There is a shift happening in the spirit. The prayers of old are preparing to come forth as revival rain. What you have been waiting for is upon you. The thunder is proof of the coming rain. Have no fear of the thunder for it is prophetic of the future. Any accusations are in the thunders but they are not the coming rain. Focus on the rain and not the thunder. The thunder will force you higher for this is not about a prophet true or false but about the coming rain and the outpouring of the Spirit. A prophet declares the will of God and declares the rain is coming. The thunder is to be expected so therefore rejoice at the sound and find your victory in knowing that God’s appearing is preceded first by a mighty sound. The heart of the prophet turns the thunder into a glorious announcement of the coming of the rain. Amen. Trust you.


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