Presentation or Content

I have struggled with this concept for a long time.  Mostly, we preach a come-as-you-are concept for coming to Church. I’m convinced that that concept is correct regarding coming to Church. However, that has to be where the concept ends.

We cannot live any way we want to.  We are not free to worship in any way we want to.  We are not free to preach anything we want to. God has set boundaries for every aspect of our lives. Therefore, the conclusion of the point of coming as you are is that we don’t remain as we are in any way. Change by transformation power of the Holy Spirit is the mark of and even the requirement for every follower of Jesus Christ.

How we present ourselves before the Lord is essential. Can we come to Christ unrepentant? Can we come before Christ in arrogance? Can we come to Christ only through our intellect? There is a correct way to present ourselves before the King of Glory. Abel’s offering was received, and Cain’s offering was not. The presentation of what was offered was not the point. The presentation of their heart was what was necessary. Many focus on the blood of Abel’s offering as the issue. However, God requested many offerings in scripture that did not require blood. It was the heart of Abel and Cain that was in question. Therefore, the presentation of ourselves is in question. If we are to present ourselves in a certain way, then we need proper presentation in anything we do for God.

We have nothing if we have an excellent presentation but no content. Our content will never be heard if we have great content and poor presentation. I believe we are in a time when we must strive to present to the world the message of our Lord in a way fitting for the king of Glory. When we worship, it should be with a presentation of that worship that is befitting of the God we serve. The come-as-you-are mentality does not fit into that. Our presentation will reflect where we are in our walk with God. The content of what is within us will be reflected in our presentation.

If what we give to the Lord, whether in worship or way of life, is in a casual, flippant, or light fashion, our presentation will reflect that. If what we give to the Lord comes from a heart of understanding who the Lord is, our presentation will reflect that.

When the presentation matches the content, and the content of our life is centered in the Lordship of Jesus Christ, then we have a harmony that can release the sounds of heaven into the environment that we are in. So, it is not an either-or proposition when considering presentation or content. Both walk hand in hand when we are talking about the things of God. What is essential in presentation to one may not be to another based on the relationship one has with God. If we look at the attention we give to presentation, it should bring conviction to us about the content inside of us. Colossians 3:23  And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men. This verse is saying to work at it. Make much of it. 2 Chronicles 31:21  And in every work that he began in the service of the house of God, and in the law, and the commandments, to seek his God, he did it with all his heart and prospered.

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