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Sep 23
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From the Epoch times, By Dennis Prager
There are many ways in which to divide humanity—the decent and the indecent, the happy and the unhappy, the cowardly and the courageous, those who lead and those who follow, etc.
Two major divisions that are…
Sep 15
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Sep 14
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I can’t get away from a word the Lord spoke to my heart a few days ago.  He said to me, “People want to experience something, they want to encounter something, but they don’t want to learn of me.”  I believe this to be a reason for some of the…
Sep 11
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I want to invite everyone to join us this Sunday at 3 PM for The Smith and Rowland Show.  Every day brings more issues to discuss that affect the Nation and the Church.  We will be talking about issues like the abortion ban in Texas, the new…
Sep 9
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Sep 8