I had surgery on October 23rd and spent a week in the hospital.  God was so good to me while I was there and allowed me to meet so many wonderful people. The Lord also taught me something that I am trying to process and get as much out of as I possibly can. I was able to share this with our congregation at the Grace Place in Morganton last week.

Every two hours, my blood pressure and blood sugar were monitored.  So, I was able to share with every nurse and doctor that I was a Christian. One nurse came in and immediately informed me she was a spiritualist who followed the astrological signs for her guidance. She began telling me how she was becoming self-aware to conform to the best version of herself she could be. While she was talking, I was lost in my thoughts and began praying about how to respond to her.  I heard the voice of the Lord speak this to my heart: Speak my name only. So, I did just that. Instantly, there were many things downloaded in my spirit.

There are times when the study of systematic theology doesn’t work. Being able to speak and convince people of the truth doesn’t work. Debating scripture doesn’t work. Being able to formulate doctrine and articulate arguments doesn’t work. You can have everything in place in your mind, but without the power of the name of Jesus, it is in vain.

I was able to say to that nurse that everything she was looking for in the signs she was following was what the Lord Jesus did for me. So, throughout the day, I found ways to use the name of Jesus in conversation with her. At the end of her shift, I was walking the halls as was customary during my stay there.  I was coming around a corner in the hall, and there she was. She said she had been looking for me, and her shift was ending, and she needed to record blood pressure and everything she needed to do.  While this was happening, she said she would not forget me and that she was thinking about the things we talked about. I told her I would be praying for her that she would find everything she needed in Jesus. I could see the tears building up in her eyes, and she responded I’m going back to Church on Sunday.

I knew she had probably been hurt in a congregation somehow and that she had walked away to pursue something that maybe would replace Jesus. The Lord was calling her back by simply speaking His name. I wasn’t some doctrine or theological argument, just His name.

I want us to find ways to use His name in every conversation with others. There is power in the name of Jesus. We don’t have to have every doctrine just right. We don’t have to reach the pinnacle of all knowledge. We need to say His name. Everywhere we go and everyone we meet needs to hear the name of Jesus. Let that be our call.

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  • Amen ! There is power in the name of Jesus..

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