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  • Cowardly leaders make a weak army. We need warriors, wearing the full armor of God, at the pulpit building a strong congregation. The enemy is using the approval of man to dilute the power of pastors. They are now sacrificing their strength to STAND for bowing to cultural acceptance, and it is evident in the lack of voice the church is displaying in matters of this world.
    Our silence isn't from suppression, for we *still* have the right in this country of freedom of speech, but from tolerance and indifference; both of which would not exist if we truly understood the stance of God based on HIS word - a stance that is has been traded in the church for feel good, self help sermons that redefine Bible verses to match the needs of our flesh and not that of our spirits.
    We do not have the luxury of living in a peacetime. Nor have we ever actually. I believe the mentality we did is partly how we ended up where we are - we got lazy in the fight for the Kingdom. The enemy saw that opening and walked right in. We MUST reignite our passion for truth, die to ourselves, pick up our cross, and follow Him and ONLY Him again.
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