Jenna Laird commented on Jenna Laird's blog post Who Told You Darkness Won?
"Thank you Heather! May we all continue to rest in the peace of this Truth to continue to have the energy to fight against the darkness. We have read the last page...we have nothing to fear :)"
Nov 9
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Who told you darkness won? For that is a lie laced in fear. Give no worth to those words. Darkness has not won. May we never surrender to the illusion it owns the victory.  No matter the appearance of our worsening world. Defeat is not in our…
Nov 8
Jenna Laird commented on Alan Smith's blog post This Past Sunday @ 3 pm EST "LIVE" Don't Forget God
"Cowardly leaders make a weak army. We need warriors, wearing the full armor of God, at the pulpit building a strong congregation. The enemy is using the approval of man to dilute the power of pastors. They are now sacrificing their strength to STAND…"
Nov 1