Who Told You Darkness Won?

Who told you darkness won?
For that is a lie laced in fear.
Give no worth to those words.
Darkness has not won.
May we never surrender to the illusion it owns the victory. 
No matter the appearance of our worsening world.

Defeat is not in our blood.
Our King is incapable of being dethroned.
Remember Good Friday was not the end.
Even on the grimmest day the enemy could not claim himself a conqueror.
May evidence guide your perception of the times in which we are living.

Armor up.
Guard your heart.
Protect your mind.
And speak - the time of silence is over.
Release the battle cry.
Make the enemy tremble at the sound of our voices preaching the message of the one true God.
May we utilize the deception in which the darkness dwells to our advantage.
Its complacency in its premature conquest now its weakness where light and truth triumph with a blindside.

God wins.
Good wins.
We win.

And nothing can steal how this story ends.


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  • These well chosen and placed words paint a grace-filled, light empowered battle cry that darkness will never comprehend or Overcome! May the stories of resplendent light fill each of our lives in Jesus...ronross

  • Thank you Heather! May we all continue to rest in the peace of this Truth to continue to have the energy to fight against the darkness. We have read the last page...we have nothing to fear :)

  • This is so beautiful and powerful, Jenna. Amen! ☀️

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