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The people of The Lord.

The seed of Abraham, the Children of Israel, and the followers of Christ are the people of the Lord. For as the Lord has declared; “ I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee., Speaking of Abraham and His seed.”

There is much

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A Reason to Believe.

To believe;
To credit upon the authority or testimony of another; to be persuaded of the truth of something upon the declaration of another, or upon evidence furnished by reasons, arguments, and deductions of the mind, or by other circumstances, than
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What is the true grace of God?

True Grace

What is the true grace of God?  Do we want it upon our lives?  Can it be true? Could it be that Jesus knew the hidden  message and power that was in this experience from the Father?

Luke 2:40
40: And the child (Jesus) grew and became strong

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Relational Integrity

How important are relationships? So important that Jesus died on the Cross to ensure that we could attach, bond and relate successfully. Relationships can either be your greatest source of belonging, meaning, strength and joy or they can be problemat

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A few years ago, I woke up from a dream.  I wrote it down because it was too real not too.  I think it's a reminder of where we as Believers are supposed to be walking and a call to all of us that have forgotten or that have never heard that call.


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