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Posted on May 23, 2022

by Johnny Enlow

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The Last Battle, Part 5 Rick Joyner

  • May 17
    The Last Battle, Part 5
    Rick Joyner

        Perhaps the most powerful statement Jesus made that would lead to a victorious overcoming life is in Matthew 11:28-30:

      “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

        Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

           For My yoke is easy and My burden is light” (NKJV).

        One of the greatest sources of stress in life comes from trying to exalt ourselves in the eyes of others, and the anxiety that comes from trying to maintain that persona. However, when we reject this aspect of our fallen nature and resolve to humble ourselves instead, we are released from that great source of anxiety to find a peace that leads to joy.

         When we experience the remarkable contentment of not having to compete for attention, we do not only seek to exalt the Lord and edify His people. We also seek the highest form of leadership, which is to be a servant of all as we follow the path of our Savior. Then we will find a rest for our souls rarely experienced in this life, which leads to the abundant life.

        When we take on the yoke of the fear of man or human expectations, we become burdened by stress and anxiety. This steals our true potential in life, the potential to work with the Lord for what He is building—the eternal. This is not the temporary, fickle gratification that comes from man’s approval.  When we know we have God’s approval, it does not matter what anyone else thinks. This is the ultimate peace, rest, and freedom by which others witness the kingdom in us.

        Another powerful, life-giving way the Lord provides for us to humble ourselves is explained in Deuteronomy 8:2-3:

And you shall remember that the Lord your God led you all the way these forty years in the wilderness, to humble you and test you, to know what was in your heart, whether you would keep His commandments or not.

So He humbled you, allowed you to hunger, and fed you with manna which you did not know nor did your fathers know, that He might make you know that man shall not live by bread alone; but man lives by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord (NKJV).

        How does gathering fresh manna every day humble us? Jesus said He was the Manna that came down from heaven. He is the daily bread provided from above. Just as Israel had to gather this bread the first of every day and eat it for sustenance, we must seek Jesus first every day. To seek Him first is to acknowledge we cannot make it through the day without Him. That is the humility to which He gives grace.

        In this text, the Lord said He gave Israel manna to humble and test them, to see whether they understood that man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord. The word “proceeds” is present tense. We do not only live by the words that proceeded from Him—past tense—but also by the daily living word that proceeds from Him—present tense.

         In Deuteronomy 8:2, the Lord said He gave them manna to humble and test them to see whether they would keep His ways or not. How does gathering manna first each day determine whether we will keep His ways or not? If we consider Him first and seek Him first, it is evident He is first in our lives. If we encounter Him first each day, we will be enlightened and empowered to walk in His ways each day—today, if you will hear His voice” (see Hebrews 3:7).


© 2022 Rick Joyner. All Rights Reserved.

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Prophets and Patriots Episode 2: Mel K: The Big Hoax!

Posted on May 20, 2022

by Mel K

Prophets and Patriots Episode 2: Mel K: The Big Hoax! Join us this FRIDAY on May 20, at 11AM Pacific Time — LIVE on RUMBLE — as Steve Shultz interviews Mel K for another broadcast of "Prophets and Patriots”. Mel K will be discussing currencies, lies of the enemy people believe, Communist intentions and more! 

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Posted on May 9, 2022

by Johnny Enlow

Join us LIVE this MONDAY on May 9th at 11am PT / 2pm ET for EPISODE 5 of JOHNNY ENLOW UNFILTERED. Johnny will be discussing the latest prophetic intel from the Lord and answering “Prophetic Questions” from our viewers. Do you have a question for Johnny Enlow - concerning the spiritual gift of prophecy? Submit it here and we may select it for an upcoming show: Note: Johnny’s episodes will NOT be aired on our YouTube channel so make sure to watch him at our other sites:,,, Please join us this MONDAY with Johnny Enlow.

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 Small groups can be a source of life, growth, and grace. So why do so many pastors have gripes about the development of small group ministry in their church? Honestly, there are a lot of reasons.

A quick look at Jesus’ ministry, the Book of Acts, and the New Testament Epistles reveals that small groups formed the lifeblood of the early church. Are pastors rejecting New Testament practices, or do they have good reasons to distrust many standard small group models? Do they really hate small groups, or are they reacting to design flaws common in traditional small group models?  

I think it’s the latter. Many small groups share strategic flaws in how they are organized and led. (Such groups are about as distasteful as coffee made with pickle juice.) Whatever you want to call them—home groups, cell groups, life groups, growth groups—here are seven common reasons many pastors have legitimate gripes with small groups. 

  1. Group leaders go rogue and start their own church or ministry. They use the small group to grow a platform and followers and take the group members with them when they leave. They pillage the flock and break relationships with the pastor and church to expand their ministry. Gifted but self-centered leaders can end up dividing churches.

  2.  Groups become centers for gossip, negativity, backbiting, and complaining before and after the official group meeting. In the absence of appropriate structure, group members feel free to gather and “chat” about what’s wrong with people, the pastor, and the church. 

  3. Groups become a gathering of disgruntled church members. Sometimes, influential but unhappy church members start their own “homegroup” and gather those who are similarly dissatisfied. Meetings become a place for the disgruntled to share their issues and vent frustrations. This kind of venting, of course, does nothing to address actual relational problems. It makes things worse by providing a thin veneer of respectability that makes complaining seem acceptable and allows the group to self-reinforce the negative opinions of its members. While these leaders don’t “go rogue” they subtly undermine the church and pastor. It’s like Absalom, “If only I were pastor (king), I’d do things this way, and we’d all be much happier.” (2 Samuel 15:4) 

  4. Groups attract narcissists who are eager for positions of authority and power. Their professed desire to “serve others” is really a smokescreen. What they really want is a platform to be noticed for their gifts and a position to exercise power and control over others. Once at the helm of a group, the narcissist becomes rigid, controlling, and abusive. They don’t tolerate disagreement or differing viewpoints and are great at self-justification and blaming. If pastors allow the narcissistic influence of such a leader, it will cause significant damage to group members and the greater church community. People can end up leaving. 

  5. Groups become dumping grounds. During some small group meetings, time for “personal sharing” and “prayer requests” becomes so toxic that hazmat suits are needed! Here, group members use these opportunities to vent their drama, frustration, unhappiness, anger, and bitterness in the name of “honesty and authenticity.” These folks are not interested in doing the hard work needed to grow through their situations. Instead, they feel the need to vent and share the misery with everyone else. Backhanded complaining is confused as “being spiritual.” For example, I’ve heard women trash their husbands (and husbands trash their wives) in ways that dishonor them both. When it comes time for prayer requests, they want prayers so that their spouse will “change.” Or, during prayer requests, things can sound like, “I feel so burdened for Pastor _____. His sermons have just not been what they used to be. Can we please pray that God will get him back on track again?” 

  6. Groups built on a foundation of pain are not life-giving. In the name of mercy and compassion, some small group leaders routinely allow the group to become centered around the person(s) in the most pain. Codependent leaders and group members then consistently spend most of their time trying to comfort, encourage, and sometimes “fix” the most hurting person in the group. In times of crisis, this can be appropriate. But, when the group consistently becomes about “who is in the most pain tonight,” it can eventually suck all the healthy air out of the room. Of course, codependents thrive in this atmosphere, and heathier, non-codependent members are marginalized, become “fixers,” or leave the group. Support and recovery groups are fantastic, but these have distinctly different objectives. Is this what God asks all small groups to be? I doubt it. 

  7. Groups that focus on Bible study undermine the faith of many when led by immature, poorly trained teachers. Bible study can actually become unbiblical. Now that we live in an age of access to an unprecedented number of teachings, podcasts, and courses about Scripture and the Christian life, we need to be discerning. Some of this material is helpful, while others are downright dangerous for growing believers. Whatever we study, it needs to be backed up by sound theology. Listening to the newest podcast from the latest and most trendy big-name preacher does not qualify me to lead a Bible study. Far too many think we’ve become experts without the training, wisdom, or character to sustain healthy leadership and a healthy small group. If I had a dollar for everyone who feels called to “lead” and assumes that they should get a platform and microphone to begin teaching and building legions of loyal followers, I’d be a wealthy man! I am not knocking Bible teaching. Still, it’s just too easy for leaders to wander off course—unintentionally guiding group members away from sound teaching and the church. 

These characteristics are so toxic that we need to run—and not walk—to the nearest small group exit. Let’s look at rebuilding a healthy model. To begin, we must answer a few questions:

  • Is there a way to create a new model for small groups with structures that bring life instead? 

  • Can we develop new systems that provide maximum protection from these seven issues? 

  • Can we redesign training for small group leaders that grows character and empowers them to share their hearts, gifts, and passions to create sustainable, transformational communities?

My new book will help answer these questions for your church or small group. Beyond Becoming: A Field Guide to Sustainable, Transformational Communities provides a blueprint for small group life intentionally focused on growing stronger, grace-based attachments with God and others. Well-structured, practical activities help group members experience and share God’s amazing grace together. 

Watch for the release on May 1, 2022. Find out more at or

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Coincidence Or Conspiracy? Why Are So Many Food Processing Plants Catching Fire?

Everyone can see that something really strange appears to be happening, and now even Tucker Carlson is talking about it on television.  View this important segment below:
For months, unusual fires have been erupting at important food industry facilities all over America.  Last Thursday, I put together a list of 16 major fires that have occurred just since the start of the year. 
Unfortunately, since I wrote that article a couple more "mysterious incidents" have taken place.  Very early on Saturday, firefighters were called out to battle a fire at a General Mills facility in Cedar Rapids, Iowa...
An early morning fire at General Mills led first responders to the roof of the company to attack the flames from above. The call came in around 3:45am on Saturday at the plant located at 4800 Edgewood Road SW. First responders discovered hot spots where a vent stack makes contact with the roof.
Steam and smoke were already visible. Crews reached the roof and confirmed the location of the fire below them with the help of thermal imaging. Firefighters removed roofing material and found the flames working their way through the ceiling and traveling with the vent stack.
Oddly, this fire erupted less than 48 hours after a plane crashed at a General Mills facility in Covington, Georgia...
Investigators spent Friday at the General Mills plant in Covington combing through the wreckage of a deadly plane crash that happened the previous evening.
A twin-engine Cessna crashed into several semi trailers at remote part of the cereal plant on Thursday evening killing two people, the Covington Police Department said.
Is it just a "coincidence" that there were two major disasters at General Mills facilities within 48 hours of one another?
That is what some would have us believe.
Of course there have been a whole bunch of other "coincidences" happening lately too.
Less than a week ago, the headquarters of Azure Standard burned to the ground in a massive fire.  CEO David Stelzer is admitting that all Azure Market liquid products will be out of stock for the foreseeable future as a result...
He also added, "For our customers, three primary product groups are affected due to the destroyed automated liquid pour facility, fruit packing facilities and carob products facilities." He continued, "Because of this, we will experience out-of-stock status for Azure Market oils, honey and vinegars - basically any Azure Market liquid product - as well as our carob products for the short term. We are not yet at fruit harvest, so no immediate impact will be experienced from the loss of our fruit packing facility. None of the products we distribute for our vendors will be affected," he concluded.
And just a few days before that, a "four-alarm fire" destroyed a very important food processing facility in Salinas, California...
Authorities Thursday lifted all evacuation and shelter-in-place orders in an area of Salinas where a four-alarm fire sparked a day earlier at a food processing plant, prompting fears of a possible explosion and hazardous plume of ammonia, city officials said.
The fire was initially reported at about 7:15 p.m. Wednesday at the Taylor Farms processing facility on Abbott Street and prompted an order early Thursday for evacuations affecting an estimated 2,700 people and a shelter-in-place order affecting an estimated 35,000 people.
If these were isolated incidents, perhaps we never would have even taken notice of them.
But they aren't isolated incidents.
In fact, fires have been mysteriously erupting at America's food processing facilities for many months.
Strangely, the latest fires happened during the same week that the FBI admitted that America's farmers are now being specifically targeted by ransomware attacks...
A new warning right now for local farmers.
The FBI says you need to be on alert for ransomware attacks. As KDKA money editor Jon Delano explains, those attacks on farmers could impact the rest of us at the grocery store.
Whether it's a dairy or poultry farm, a cattle farm, or a farm that grows grain, farming is a key part of Pennsylvania's economy.
Could there be some relation between these two stories?
For now, the FBI is not saying.
And most of the talking heads on television are assuring us that there is nothing to be concerned about and that everything will be just fine.
Meanwhile, more fires continue to make the news.
On Sunday, it was being reported that "nearly a dozen wildfires" had just roared through key agricultural areas of Nebraska...
Sunday was far from a day of rest for firefighters across much of the state, as they continued to mop up nearly a dozen wildfires and remained alert for more.
By Sunday morning, the Road 702 Fire in the Cambridge area covered 50,000 acres -- a much larger area than the 33,000 acres burned in the April 7-9 fire in Gosper and Furnas counties. A management team from the Rocky Mountain area took command of the battle at 7 a.m. Sunday morning.
And a total of 20 wildfires are ripping across New Mexico as I write this article...
New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has signed emergency declarations as 20 wildfires continued to burn Sunday in nearly half of the state's drought-stricken 33 counties.
I don't know how all of the things that I have discussed in this article tie together.
But what I do know is that all of them will have an impact on our food supply.
As I have discussed previously, UN officials are warning that we are heading into the worst global food crisis since World War II.
Do you remember when millions of people died of starvation in the 1980s and there were endless appeals on television asking us to give to the hungry?
Well, authorities are telling us that what is coming is going to be much worse than that.
A "perfect storm" of factors is combining to create the greatest stress on global food supplies that we have seen in modern times.
But most of the talking heads on television want you to believe that everything is under control and that better times are just around the corner.
You can believe them if you want, but my recommendation is to get prepared for this crisis while you still can.
Originally published at The Economic Collapse Blog 
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Posted on April 26, 2022

by Robin Bullock and Roger Stone

Join us this TUESDAY, April 26 at 12:30 PT as Steve Shultz interviews Robin Bullock and Roger Stone — for a special LIVE broadcast. Robin and Roger will be discussing powerful revelation over our nation, Washington DC, and much more. Important 

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The Last Battle, Part 2 Rick Joyner

  • The Last Battle, Part 2
    Rick Joyner

        We continue this week looking into the four requirements laid out in II Chronicles 7:14 for the Lord to heal our land. They are:

  1. Humble ourselves
  2. Pray
  3. Seek His face
  4. Turn from our wicked ways.

These are what God’s people are commanded to do, not the heathen. So, we want to do these and not just understand them. This week, we will examine the biblical exhortations for humbling ourselves, looking for any way we have not yet applied this to our lives.

        James 4:6 declares, “God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble” (NKJV). Could there be anything more valuable than God’s grace? Admitting we believe there is not, do our lives reflect this belief? Are we pursuing His grace more than any other treasure, relationship, professional success, or even our security? The priority we place on God’s grace reveals what we really believe.

        Are we pursuing His grace in the way He instructs us to, by humbling ourselves? In Scripture, we are repeatedly told to humble ourselves, so this is something the Lord expects us to do. So how do we do this? There are a few ways Scripture tells us to do this, like in Psalm 35:13, where King David said he humbled himself with fasting. In Scripture, fasting is refraining from eating. This is something the Lord recognizes and honors in a special way. By this we declare we need Him and His grace more than we need food.

        Since fasting food is contrary to the carnal nature, this is one way we can deny and break its power over us. We are told in I Corinthians 11:31, “for if we would judge ourselves, we would not be judged” (NKJV). This is another way we can humble ourselves. If we humble ourselves, He will not have to humble us.

        Yet another way to humble ourselves is to stop talking about ourselves so much. One barometer that reveals our spiritual immaturity is how much we talk about ourselves, even if it’s about spiritual things, like how God has used us. We should testify of the great things the Lord has done, but it is easy to tell when one is doing this to highlight themselves rather than to honor God.

        We will not be changed into the nature of the Lord by being focused on ourselves. We are changed by seeing Him and His glory. When we do this, He will become the focus of our attention and conversation because, as He said, “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks” (see Matthew 12:34, NKJV). Are we full of Him, or just full of ourselves?

        How much more might we be used by Him, if when we meet others, we were not so intent on making ourselves look good as we are seeking ways to encourage and edify them? The Lord said, Everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted” (Luke 18:14, NKJV). Notice He did not say “many” or “most” who exalt themselves but “everyone”! Throughout Scripture we are exhorted to humble ourselves, and that God is the One who exalts. Being humble is our job; exalting is His job. If we try to do His job, He will do ours, and He can do both much better than us!

        A self-centered person who tries to insert their story, their experiences, or just generally their perspective into every conversation is usually the one others try to avoid. Such people do not realize they are not as interesting to others as they are to themselves. Such people are also socially downgraded, and even ostracized, more than they realize.

        As Christians, how can we who have seen and know the Lord be more infatuated with ourselves than with Him? How can anyone who has beheld His sacrifice on the cross be prone to talk about their own suffering? Christian maturity is revealed by Christ-centeredness; Christian immaturity is revealed by self-centeredness.

        Because we speak out of the abundance of our hearts, let us resolve to be Christ-focused, Christ-centered, and with our hearts filled with love for Him. Resolve that He will be our conversation.

        “You are what you think, and not what you think you are.” (Unknown)



© 2022 Rick Joyner. All Rights Reserved.

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Our Land is Defiled

People are asking Why President Trump didn’t stay in office when there was so much prayer?

          Jer 7:16  “As for you, do not pray for this people, or lift up a cry or prayer for them, and do not intercede with me,

                         for I will not hear you.”

          Jer 11:14  “Therefore do not pray for this people, or lift up a cry or prayer on their behalf, for I will not listen when

                         they call to me in the time of their trouble.” 

When COVID hit the USA, people wondered if it was from God, although most were sure it was the assignment from the satan. Personally, I believe that the satan can do nothing apart from God’s instruction.

We gave people moving into this country the freedom to practice their worship of other gods which defiled our land.

          Jer 7:18-28 ...And they pour out drink offerings to the other gods, to provoke me to anger. ...they did worse than their fathers. 

                         ... . This is the nation that did not obey the voice of the LORD their God, and did not accept discipline;

                         truth has perished; it is cut off from their lips.

We are openly murdering the children, and are now allowing it even after they are fully formed.

                        31 And they have built the high place of Topheth, which is in the Valley of the Son of Himmon, to burn

                        their sons and their daughters in the fire, which I did not command, nor did it come into my mind.

So what? Did we expect the Creator to just keep turning a blind eye?

                       32 Therefore, behold the days are coming declares the LORD, ...but it will be called the Valley of Slaughter.

This is what America is, the Valley of Slaughter.

                       34 ... for the land will become a waste.

What can we do? Repent! Repent! Repent! and TURN from sin!

Witchcraft is ramped. Just look it up on the internet, and see the instructions on how to have a seance. We are even holding so-called “Ascension” group prayers which many, and maybe all, are virtually seances.

“Universalism” has grown to the point that we have Yoga classes in almost every shopping center and definitely in every gym across our country.

What’s so bad about Yoga? Let’s begin with the Prana definition.

          Prana is the Sanskrit word for the cosmic energy that is the essence of our existence. It is the vitality within us.

          Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine have the same Prana definition. In Chinese

           philosophy, Prana energy is known as Chi. (emphasis added)  (

What is Chi?
           from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.
           noun: The vital force believed in Taoism and other Chinese thought to be inherent in all things.

           The unimpeded circulation of chi and a balance of its negative and positive forms in the body

           are held to be essential to good health in traditional Chinese medicine.

We have fallen into such lethargy that we don’t even realize what we are doing when we participate in these classes. We think, if we think about it all, “it can’t affect us, because nothing can snatch us away from Jesus.”

The problem is either we aren’t really His, and, therefore, we are open and are deceived, or we are His but opened the door by participating in such activities that we have now invited demons to enter into our lives, our homes and our families.

Yoga is just one example of our participating in the deception from other religions that are ramped in our country.

Some Christians actually openly say they are Universalist but still remain Christians meaning they still worship Jesus. Universalism welcomes all religions, including the belief in Jesus Christ, Buddha, Hinduism, Taoism, Shamanism, etc.

The first problem simply coming into agreement with Universalism opens us up to deception. We may start out believing we are believers in the salvation by Jesus Christ but as long as we continue mixing Universalism beliefs with our Christian beliefs, we will eventually believe “there are many ways to Heaven.” Then, without realizing the subtle whisper of the enemy, we stop using God’s name and start using “the Universe.” Inevitably, we will even deny that Jesus is the One and Only Son of God.

Now we’ve moved into eclecticism. Basically, what we are doing is creating our own individual beliefs. The primary purpose in these New Age beliefs draws us back to self. Self or Man is now in control. We are feeding our flesh or our beast.

That’s another subject for another article but let me remind you that the number of the beast is 666. The number 6 is the number of man. Man and beast were created on the sixth day.

I repeat, there is only one way to the Father Who is in Heaven, and that is through the knowledge that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and died on the cross and was resurrected. We should be fully dependent on Him and not ourselves.

Some think “Oh, well that’s Old Testament God.” Please see in the Renewed Covenant (New Testament) Luke 19:27 - they didn’t want the Lord to reign over them. In the conclusion of this parable, He said a “certain nobleman said, ‘Bring them before me so I can see them slain in front of me.’” He’s the Same God as in the First Covenant (Old Testament).

Derek Prince taught that in the last days it will be most difficult to be able to decipher the truth from the false. The magicians were able to copy the first four plagues in the Exodus and the counterfeit is even more capable in these times.

Only those that know and love Him well, know the scriptures, and keep His Commandments because we love Him will not fall into the deception.

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Loved and Graced Like Jesus

17 In this [union and fellowship with Him], love is completed and perfected with us, so that we may have confidence in the day of judgment [with assurance and boldness to face Him]; because as He is, so are we in this world. 18 There is no fear in love [dread does not exist]. But perfect (complete, full-grown) love drives out fear, because fear involves [the expectation of divine] punishment, so the one who is afraid [of God’s judgment] is not perfected in love [has not grown into a sufficient understanding of God’s love]. (1 John 4: 17-18, The Amplified Bible)

Imagine with me for a moment; as Jesus is in this time and place, so are we! Our shared union and fellowship with him opens our reality to infinite possibilities. All that Jesus now is, so are we! That thought takes my breath away!

Only in Jesus is love brought to perfection and fullness of expression in us. As Paul prayed for the believers in Ephesus; we too are freed of all fear of punishment and empowered to scale the heights, plumb the depths, measure the width and transverse the length of Father’s majestic love!

We are called to a journey of love’s mystery and discovery. Our desire for genuineness, calls us to an abundant perception of God’s love. Our extreme deficit becomes our greatest richness! Previously we were tormented by the lack of love, now our lives are known by love’s lavishness. Our security with Father is identical to Christ’s!

1-2 Watch what God does, and then you do it, like children who learn proper behavior from their parents. Mostly what God does is love you. Keep company with him and learn a life of love. Observe how Christ loved us. His love was not cautious but extravagant. He didn’t love in order to get something from us but to give everything of himself to us. Love like that. (Ephesians 5: 1-2, The Message)

Love makes more than enough room for mercy and grace to flourish in and through our lives. Yet apart from mercy and grace, love is halfhearted and implausible. Every relationship must be pollinated and nourished by love. Otherwise it is merely a cheap counterfeit.

God is love![p] Those who are living in love are living in God, and God lives through them. 17 By living in God,[q] love has been brought to its full expression in us[r] so that we may fearlessly face the day of judgment,[s]because all that Jesus now is,[t] so are we in this world. 18 Love never brings fear, for fear is always related to punishment. But love’s perfection drives the fear of punishment far from our hearts. Whoever walks constantly afraid of punishment[u] has not reached love’s perfection. (The Passion Translation)

17-18 God is love. When we take up permanent residence in a life of love, we live in God and God lives in us. This way, love has the run of the house, becomes at home, and mature in us, so that we’re free of worry on Judgment Day—our standing in the world is identical with Christ’s. There is no room in love for fear. Well-formed love banishes fear. Since fear is crippling, a fearful life—fear of death, fear of judgment—is one not yet fully formed in love. (The Message)

9-10 “I’ve loved you the way my Father has loved me. Make yourselves at home in my love. If you keep my commands, you’ll remain intimately at home in my love. That’s what I’ve done—kept my Father’s commands and made myself at home in his love. (John 15: 9-10, The Message)

The goal is for all of them to become one heart and mind—
Just as you, Father, are in me and I in you,
So they might be one heart and mind with us.
Then the world might believe that you, in fact, sent me.
The same glory you gave me, I gave them,
So they’ll be as unified and together as we are—
I in them and you in me.
Then they’ll be mature in this oneness,
And give the godless world evidence
That you’ve sent me and loved them
In the same way you’ve loved me. (John 17: 21-23, The Message)
But I have known you, and these disciples know
That you sent me on this mission.
I have made your very being known to them—
Who you are and what you do—
And continue to make it known,
So that your love for me
Might be in them
Exactly as I am in them. (John 17: 25-26, The Message)

He puts us through our paces—first this way, then that.
He commands us to do what he says all over the world.
Whether for discipline or grace or extravagant love,
he makes sure they (everything He sends our way) make their mark. (Job 37:13, The Message)

Is your life a fertile garden where love grows unhindered? We are sent with the same mandate as Jesus-to disclose Father’s love! Authentic love will always make its mark. It always makes a way where there seems to be none. Ron Ross

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The Last Battle, Part 1 Rick Joyner

  • The Last Battle, Part 1
    Rick Joyner

        In Isaiah 60:1-5 we are given a prophetic picture of a time when “darkness is covering the earth, and deep darkness the peoples.” However, the Lord also promises the appearance of His glory and the nations coming to His light during this time. Then Isaiah adds that our sons and daughters will return, and the wealth of the nations will be brought to His people. This hope is an anchor for our souls, and we must always keep this in mind. Regardless of how dark it gets, the light is coming and will overpower the darkness.

        We are now seeing the worst spiritual darkness of all time spread over the earth. It has come in many forms but is woven together as a veil of “deep darkness” over the people. Though we have yet to see the glory of the Lord manifested on His people in the way this text implies, we do see the conditions being prepared for it. One condition is the burning hearts of small pockets of people who have not succumbed to the lukewarm spirit of this age. Next we should expect these pockets of people to begin to connect and their fires grow.

        The Book of Revelation was a vision given to John as a “revelation of Jesus Christ”‑—meaning the focus is on Jesus Himself, not just doctrines about Him or the institutions that grew up around those doctrines that would bring the glory of the Lord. Sound biblical teaching is important for a strong foundation, but it is by seeing the glory of the Lord that we are changed into His image (see II Corinthians 3:18). Thus, we should expect to see Christians beginning to seek the Lord Himself in a dramatic new way.

        There is also much in Revelation about the antichrist. This explains why the entire age since the Fall has been allowed to evolve—so the nature of evil in its full maturity could be revealed to all creation. The antichrist, or “man of sin,” is the embodiment of all men’s sin. This is what all mankind would be like without the redemption and reconciliation of Christ. This is who we all are without Christ and without the grace of God. There is no greater contrast to Christ than this, and it has been allowed to unfold so we can all see who we really are without Jesus as compared to who we are with Him.

        So, while we wait for the glory of the Lord to be revealed, and while we focus our pursuit on knowing and abiding in Him, we must also understand the nature of the darkness we are here to stand against. As a basic military principle, you cannot defeat an enemy you can neither see nor understand. Likewise, in our spiritual battle, we must see and understand the darkness we are here to confront.

        As the darkness and evil of this world is revealed, the traces of it in us is also revealed. We do not want to enter this battle against the ultimate darkness at the end of this age with it still in us. To root out all evil in us and prepare us to behold and become vessels of His glory, we must apply the four elements of II Chronicles 7:14 to our lives:

“If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

        These four elements we must adhere to, so He can heal our land are:

  1. Humble ourselves
  2. Pray
  3. Seek His face
  4. Turn from our wicked ways.

Note these are the things His people must do, not the heathen. The healing of our countries is dependent on those who know the Lord.

        We will take the next few weeks to dig down into each one of these to seek a deeper understanding and application of them in our lives. Obviously, what we have done up until now to comply with these has not been adequate. In doing so, we too should expect to be enlightened and healed.



© 2022 Rick Joyner. All Rights Reserved.

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The Unhurried LIving Podcast

Please check out Alan Fadling's latest podcast, Unhurried Living. He interviewed me last January - and I'm excited that the podcast dropped today. We talked about Grace and my book, Becoming a Face of Grace. 

Alan is a leader in the Spiritual Formation community. He serves as a frequent speaker, consultant, and retreat leader with local churches and national organizations such as InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Halftime Institute, Apprentice Institute, Saddleback Church, and Open Doors International. He speaks from the intersection of spiritual formation and leadership, with content that is approachable, usable, and transferable.

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MEL K: “The TRUTH and SECRETS finally told of the Media and Tech Giants!”

Posted on April 15, 2022

by MEL K

Click here to register for the Ascend Event! Elijah List Ministries / ElijahStreams TV, 525 2nd Ave SW, Suite 629 Albany, OR 97321 USA Thank you for making the always-free Elijah List Ministries possible! Click here to learn how to partner with us: Prefer to donate by mail? Make your check or money order (US Dollars) payable to "ELIJAH LIST MINISTRIES" and mail it to: Elijah List Ministries / Elijah Streams TV 525 2nd Ave SW Suite 629 Albany, OR 97321 USA Join us this FRIDAY as Steve Shultz interviews Mel K — LIVE RIGHT HERE — on April 15, at 11AM Pacific Time. Mel K will be discussing her testimony of turning her life over to God, her experience in Hollywood, the TRUTH and SECRETS concerning media tech giants, working for President Trump, and much more! Note: We will NOT be broadcasting this episode on our YouTube channel so make sure and join us at all our other sites!

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Maybe We Need New Glasses

A good number of sincere followers of Jesus have unintentionally been operating under a functional—but reduced—theology that centers on grace as it relates to salvation. While this is important, coming at grace this way effectively limits the practical power and application of it in our everyday life with God. This limited understanding of grace dumbs down life with God; effectively, all the rich marrow is sucked from our spiritual bones.

Eternity starts here and now! Don’t miss it. Grace is so much more than unmerited favor. To receive the grace of God through Jesus means accepting that God has a boundless capacity of relational grace toward us as well as toward every other person we meet (and we all know we all need it!). Do you have a habit of looking at other people through this sort of generous, grace-based lens? Because of His capacity, God can honestly see each person as his most special and favorite, times infinity. No limits. Maybe we need new glasses?

If God has that capacity, and you and I are created in his image, then we each have the same potential to become faces of grace to others once we have responded to His invitation. When you and I encounter, experience, and grow in God’s relational grace, it will be reflected in our lives. Learning to see through the eyes of grace shows on our faces as we relate with the people around us. Today more than ever, this is the face and grace-filled vision that you and I need to reflect in the world. At the core, it will change how we do life in community—especially in our families, our small groups, and our close friendships. As Paul wrote to the Corinthians, everything about how we view others changes in light of God’s grace:

Because of this decision, we don’t evaluate people by what they have or how they look. We looked at the Messiah that way once and got it all wrong, as you know. We certainly don’t look at him that way anymore. Now we look inside, and what we see is that anyone united with the Messiah gets a fresh start, and is created new. The old life is gone; a new life emerges! Look at it! All this comes from the God who settled the relationship between us and him, and then called us to settle our relationships with each other. God put the world square with himself through the Messiah, giving the world a fresh start by offering forgiveness of sins. (2 Corinthians 5:16–18, Message Bible)

God no longer sees us according to our old way of being . . . we are new creations! This translation underscores the bottom line: God settled it. Part and parcel to His grace, He says each person you meet is extraordinary—worth the life of His Son, in fact. His special and favorite, that’s you and that’s me. Get it, and everything about the way we relate with one another will change. At the risk of overstating the obvious, the grace you receive is meant to be shared . . . and don’t be surprised if, for some, it is their first genuine encounter with grace.

In my soon-to-be-released book, Beyond Becoming: A Field Guide to Sustainable, Transformational Community, you can learn more about sharing grace in your community. Stay tuned for more details about the May 1st launch!. 

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God's Grace Sets Our Spiritual Atmosphere

For years, people told me over and over again that grace changes the spiritual atmosphere around them. I agree. Within the family of God, grace is a catalyst for transformation in every area of life. 

A force to be reckoned with, it is God’s vision for His special and favorite family members—and for those whom He longs to adopt. Grace-based relationships found here afford us what many of our families of origin could not. It is the seedbed for encountering God’s grace and presence. 

As these qualities take root in such a community, you and I will discover the love, joy, and peace to mend and repair what life has broken up until now. Within the family of God, we are to empower one another to grow, repair, and restore areas of life that would otherwise keep us from joyful attachment to one another.

If you think it doesn’t matter whether you show up, you’re wrong. Faith in Jesus was never meant to be a solo mission. He came to create an entirely new spiritual family and walked through life deeply connected to His small group family of disciples. He modeled a life full of relationships and a functioning close community for us. If this is Jesus’ model for living, why are so many of us doing life on our own? Why are so many of us, for all practical purposes, living functionally disconnected from God and His family? Let me be clear: greeting the people around us on a Sunday morning is not the type of family relationships or community Jesus modeled for you and me. Nodding and smiling on Sunday doesn’t make us family any more than smiling at the barista who fills our morning coffee order forms a deep, enduring bond. You and I are to connect in ways that help us mature and share life together.  

In His Family, we need others—and they need us. Let’s keep this in front of our minds: if we aren’t intentionally pursuing our days as engaged, participating members of God’s family, we will miss out on spiritual growth. Your decision here has the potential either to build or to bust your identity—and your choice will ripple through eternity for us all. So, show up for us!



Remember: grace is both invitation and relationship. It is not informational dogma or head knowledge. What we learn in our small group study is a clear second to what we encounter in our small group relationships. When you and I invite others to join a small group “family,” what we are actually saying is, “Come discover life with Jesus—let’s share His presence and life.”

God’s transforming power is unleashed in our lives as we regularly practice and experience the Four Amazing Rs within our small group families. (If you missed the blog about the 4 Amazing R’s and want to know more, here is the link.

All the dynamics of our families of origin apply within our spiritual ones. In league with this tight band of others, you and I will notice our rough edges begin to rub off. Then, walking more substantively in our real identity, we will experience the riches of ever-deepening relationships. And, before you and I may realize what is happening, the rich, real-time, grace-based encounters we share will turn our lives into beacons of God’s glory. Progressively, grace will become part of who you and I are—and what we are known for. Our image will befit our Father—a magnetic people of shimmering joy. That sets quite an atmosphere, I’d say!

Want to read more? Beyond Becoming: A Field Guide to Sustainable, Transformational Communities is coming very soon!

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Increasing Light, Part 14 Rick Joyner

  • Apr 5
    Increasing Light, Part 14
    Rick Joyner

        Some have called the Christian life an acquired balance between two paradoxes, and the path of life a tension between two paradoxes. There are the counterbalancing teachings of Scripture that are needed to keep us in the Way. Faith can be very close to pride, and to walk in greater faith brings us even closer to this thin line between them.

        This may seem complicated, and it can become complicated, if we do not hold to the exhortation of II Corinthians 11:3: “But I am afraid that, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, your minds will be led astray from the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ.” Everything stays simple and pure as we keep our focus on and devotion to Christ.

        It is our self-centeredness, the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, that has us continually and constantly looking at ourselves, which makes everything complicated. We will never be changed into the Lord’s nature by looking at ourselves—positively or negatively. We are only changed when we see His glory. We do need some self-evaluation, but to mature in Christ is to become less self-centered, less self-focused, and more Christ-centered. Consider what the Apostle Paul wrote in I Corinthians 4:1-4:

Let a man regard us in this manner, as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God.

In this case, moreover, it is required of stewards that one be found trustworthy.

But to me it is a very small thing that I may be examined by you, or by any human court; in fact, I do not even examine myself.

For I am conscious of nothing against myself, yet I am not by this acquitted; but the one who examines me is the Lord.

        When I was a young Christian trying to be a pastor, I received two letters the same day—one accusing me of being too controlling, the other accusing me of being too weak and unassertive. When I took these two opposing opinions to the Lord to see which was true, He said, “Both!” 

        Of course, the Lord is always right. I saw right away that in some ways I was too controlling, and in other ways, I was too cautious and indecisive. His truth always sets us free, and just Him saying this to me began to set me free from some extremes in my life. That was nearly fifty years ago. Today, I would not claim to be walking perfectly in these, but I think I am getting closer to the right balance. Some things take a lifetime to work in us, and it’s just a matter of walking in increasing light—our theme for this year’s study.

        No one can make themselves into what they should be. Only the Lord can, but we do have a part to play. Our part is to stay humble, teachable, and correctable. Paul’s text above is perhaps the clearest and simplest statement on how to do this. He remained open and correctable, but then no longer examined himself and trusted the Lord to do this. This is one of the greatest liberations we must come to in our walk, especially if we tend to be introspective.

        With some notable exceptions, in general, the church in the West may now be in its weakest state. Once when I was speaking to a group of senators and congressmen about the need for courage in Washington, one of them pulled me aside afterward and said, “We would see a lot more courage in Washington if we could see any in the church.” That was years ago, and this has not gotten any better since. We want to walk ever closer to the center of God’s will, and do not want to err at all, yet if we’re going to err in these times, we need to err on the side of boldness.

        If we are doing it right and righteously, the church should now be known for its courage. As we have read, Scripture is clear, “The righteous are bold as a lion” (see Proverbs 28:1). So, a lack of boldness in the church must indicate a lack of righteousness. When we think of righteousness we think of behavior, but that is only a small part of the biblical emphasis on righteousness. Faith is the basis of our righteousness, and faith is demonstrated by boldness.

        As corrections are made, and we learn to stay on the brighter and brighter path of the righteous by doing what is right in the sight of the Lord, our boldness will increase. As darkness increases with all the confusion and doubt that accompanies it, those on the path of life will stand out more and more. They will become the only real beacon of hope, and we must prepare for the great ingathering this will bring.



© 2022 Rick Joyner. All Rights Reserved.

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