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"I hope so. There are so many ways to think about what he said - and metaphors to go with his comments. God's Revelation v. The World. The Way of the Spirit v. The Way of the Dark Side. Spirit v. Flesh.  It also really speaks to me about God's care…"
Oct 15
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Stuck Again with Wheels Spinning: Sin, Transgression, and IniquityOct 1 Written By Ed KhouriView fullsizeIt was years ago, and it is still a vivid memory of my work as a Florida police officer. Late one night, I watched a mysterious vehicle travel…
Oct 2
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Does Anyone Really Know What Grace Is? Mostly, We’re Confused! When I was in college, I renewed my relationship with Jesus. The months immediately following are vivid in my memory. Someone handed me a book about discipleship and how to live the…
Sep 9